In April 2013 the US Food & Drug Agency (FDA) announced its plan to relax rules regarding the use and labeling of over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies.

On April 1st 2013, FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg M.D. stated, “The agency heard from several public health groups that the labeling for OTC NRT products may stop consumers who are trying to quit smoking from using them. The FDA hopes the recommended changes will allow more people to use these products effectively for smoking cessation and that tobacco dependence will decline in this country.” Will new changes increase take-up of smoking cessation products? This report tells you. The global smoking cessation market is forecast to reach $4.4bn in 2023, but what will it be this year? Next year? and in 5 years time?

This report outlines the key factors affecting the market across the forecast period 2013-2023. The report outlines essential drivers and restraints in all key global geographies.

Nicoderm and Habitrol are the primary NRT products on the market, accounting for over 80% of the global NRT market revenue in 2013. Bupropion and Varenicline are the major products in the prescription drug segment of the smoking cessation market. But what are the 5 key drivers of the global smoking cessation market?

•    Increased health care / health education in many geographies
•    Adoption of smoking cessation products onto health insurance policies
•    Increasing number of smoking cessation products emerging onto the market
•    Emergence of e-cigarettes onto the global market
•    Over 1bn smokers worldwide

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This report analysis your market, in key geographic segments; explains in which direction each key market will grow across the next 10 years, and why. Can you afford to ignore this report?
The key challenges that must be faced in the smoking cessation market include; a weak R&D pipeline, off putting side effects affecting key smoking cessation drugs and the challenge of multiple e-cigarette brands encroaching the traditional NRT marketplace.
Only by ordering this in-depth exclusive report will you have full access to the unique findings. This information is not available anywhere else. Find full details of these approved drugs alongside key cancer drugs in their testing phases in this new report.
This report also breaks down the market in terms of current smoking cessation drugs and products that occupy the market at present; examining the key prescription and OTC drugs that drive the market. In addition to this crucial information this report offers analysis and opinion on current R&D in the smoking cessation sector alongside in depth analysis of the emerging, global e-cigarette market.

Discover exactly what the industry leaders are doing TODAY –  

Within this report we analyse the key cessation products and drugs in the market currently and how they will perform across the next decade.

Our study focuses on the individual revenues of the top Smoking Cessation products. With variable patents and the threat of generics, how will these key products fare across the next decade? – ONLY THIS UNIQUE REPORT WILL TELL YOU

We also include analysis of key NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapies such as NicoDerm CQ; Nicotrol; Habitrol (Nicotinell) and Nicorette. Also analysed are the prescription drugs for smoking cessation, such as:  Chantix (by Pfizer): Varenicline and Zyban / Wellbutrin (by GSK): bupropion.

With assessment of the leading players in smoking cessation including: Pfizer; GlaxoSmithKline (GSK); Novartis; Johnson & Johnson (J&J); Perrigo; Sophomore and Extab plus 22nd Century Group, Inc.

PLUS – In-depth country analysis – Discover which countries and regions will drive the smoking cessation drugs market to 2023?
Prescription drugs in the smoking cessation have proved popular and, to some extent, effective. However, side effects and increasingly severe FDA warnings have put some potential customers off. What this means is that there is still space in the market for new pipeline drugs, with fewer side effects and greater efficacy.
Utilising primary and secondary research sources, we interviewed leading smoking cessation specialists within big pharma, R&D, wholesalers, distributors, marketeers and key organisations. From these interviews we have selected original, exclusive, transcribed interviews with leading specialists in their field – This information is not available anywhere else.

This report is the single tool to equip you with the latest trends in all regional markets and why all stakeholders demand development of Smoking Cessation products. This report will arm you with all you and your company require to develop, price, launch and market a smoking cessation product.
With over 100+ pages, and over 85+ pages of charts, tables, figures and graphs, this dedicated specialist report will ensure you remain equipped and fully informed, to succeed in this competitive market.

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